Facilitating International Trade since 1951
Facilitating International Trade since 1951
Facilitating International Trade since 1951

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Since 1951, Agencia Aduanal Hodoyan Navarro has been the leading customs consulting, customs clearing, and freight forwarding firm in the region, offering the knowledge, innovation and know-how businesses need to excel in the global marketplace.


Our success is the result of three generations that have successfully satisfied our customers’ needs for world class international trade services. We have alliances with several firms in Mexico and the United States allowing our customers to take advantage of these services.
As an ISO 9002 certified company and recipient of the 1998 Baja California Award for excellence in Exporting, Hodoyan Navarro is recognized for providing Innovative, quality-oriented services that improve the efficiency and competitive edge of its clients.











Customs Clearance

Licensed since 1951, we provide the most rapid clearance through customs, ensuring the delivery of time-critical shipments.

Our import specialists offer accurate tariff classifications for proper duty payments and compliance with other federal agencies. Also, we electronically file and monitor all shipments to provide accurate information to our clients.

Warehouse/ Distribution

As a third party logistics provider we offer comprehensive warehouse, distribution, and supply chain management service customized to our client’s specific needs, with over 340,000 square feet of secure space.

Customs Consulting

In the Customs Research and Consulting Department, clients will receive information related to international commerce and customs issues. We deliver reliable, real-time information to guide our clients through the maze of complex and ever-changing regulations, thus avoiding costly delays at the border, ensuring compliance with all federal regulations and the best cut rates.


We provide customers across the globe with an enormously diverse range of logistics solutions. Our main activities include domestic and international freight and distribution; freight forwarding by rail, road, sea, and air; warehousing; storage and distribution; end-to-end supply chain management; and business logistics solutions.

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